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Out to Africa

Influenced by the beautiful documentaries on television and with some fear for the unknown, in 1996 we went for our first adventure through Africa.

Sleeping in a little tent between the wildlife and sometimes so remote that the nearest village is a couple of hundred kilometres away, were the things worrying us. We didn't know that our
first experiences in Botswana would chance part of our lives.

The Africa madness did infect us like many others. In 1997 we travelled from Johannesburg to Nairobi, in 1999 we travelled through Kenya and Tanzania and in 2000 we went to Uganda.

After all th
ese adventures we loved to see Botswana again. Not because the other countries were disappointing but because Botswana is the country for the untamed safari. So in 2002 we visited Botswana again and had a second trip with Heiko, the guide from our 1996 safari.

In 2003 the Tanzanian parks were waiting for us for our next adventure
followed by Kenya in 2004 and again Botswana in 2005.

Ellen and Paul
                                                       copyright: Paul Janssen